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Three American Christians are responsible for Uganda's infamous anti-gay laws. Find out how these 3 convinced the country to change their laws.

Uganda is a landlocked country in Eastern Africa. Since its independence from Great Britain in 1962, Uganda has dealt with its ups and downs and a few conflicts and controversies.

One of the most recent controversies are the country’s views on homosexuality. In 2009, homosexuality became illegal in Uganda.

If a person was caught having sexual relations with someone of the same gender, they would be arrested.

The punishment for this crime was a prison term of up to 14 years. The reason it is even illegal is interesting.

A two day press conference was held in Uganda regarding homosexuality. Three Americans attended the conference and they shared their extreme Christian views with the people of Uganda.

They were able to convince them that homosexuality was a direct threat to the bonds and unity of African families, which is a strong value for them. On December 20th 2013, a new law was passed called,

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014. Western news outlets referred to it as the “Kill the Gays Bill”.

They called it this because in its early stages, the bill stated that the punishment for being involved with a homosexual would be death.

When the bill got signed into a law on February 24th 2014, they had lessened the punishment. Any person who engages in a homosexual act, knows of any homosexuals, or supports any LGBT person will now be sentenced to prison for life! Furthermore, this includes any Ugandans that are not even in the country.

If you are caught doing any of these things, you will be extradited back and will receive life in prison.


A porn actress had her labia trimmed, then she auctioned off the remnants. Guess how much someone bought it for?

An adult film actress, who goes by the name Houston, appeared on The Howard Stern show in 1999 to explain that she was having her labia surgically trimmed in order to give her a better look.

After undergoing the surgical procedure, Houston posted her labia’s remnants for sale in an online auction.

The labia ultimately sold for $50,000 to an anonymous bidder. Houston’s most well-known work is a film entitled The World’s Biggest Gangbang 3: The Houston 620, in which she has sex with 620 men without interruption.

That film was also released in 1999.


A Christian school fired a pregnant teacher for having premarital sex and then replaced her with the man that got her pregnant! Read more here:

San Diego Christian College has very strong Christian values that are represented in their handbook.

The whole community involved with the college including all teachers, staff, and students are required to sign a Handbook and Community Covenant before becoming a part of the community.

The covenant states that everyone must abstain from drugs, alcohol tobacco, adultery, pre-marital sex, malice, jealousy, and lust. When everyone signs it, there is an agreement.

In October of 2013, Teri James, a financial aid specialist was summoned to her supervisor’s office for a meeting. In the meeting James was asked if she was pregnant.

Knowing that James was not married, the meeting ended immediately with James’ termination. To add insult to injury, her former was position was offered to her then fiancé.

They offered him the position even though they knew that he had engaged in pre-marital sex also. He, of course, rejected the offer based on his principles alone.

James is now filing a lawsuit against the school stating that the form she signed did not mention termination if anything in the community covenant was violated.

She adds that because of the economy, she had no choice, but to sign the form because she really needed the job.


What's porn go to do with it?! How one Internet Mogul left his PHD for porn?!

Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales was born August 7, 1966. He is an American Internet entrepreneur best known as the co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia and Wikia web-hosting company.

What most people don’t know is that Wales was a PHD drop out! After graduating from the University of Auburn in Finance, he studied post graduate in Alabama and then left for Indiana, where he taught, yet failed to write his mandatory dissertation.

When asked why? He says “it’s boredom”! His first venture (before Wikipedia) is even more shocking. Wales ventured heavily into the world of MUD (Multi User Dungeon games), which led him into programming during his time in Alabama.

It was here that he was inspired to venture into the internet. Inspired by the remarkable initial public offering of Netscape in 1995 and accumulating capital through finance, Wales decided to leave the realm of financial trading and became an Internet entrepreneur.

In 1996, he and two partners founded Bomis, a web portal featuring user-generated webrings and—for a time—erotic photographs. Wales has since ventured into various internet based business models; most successfully, Wikipedia.


Elmhurst, Illinois is the #1 City In the US to search for 'Sex,' 'Porn,' and 'XXX'. Learn more here.

Elmhurst, Illinois is a small suburban community near Chicago. The town is most well-known for its private liberal arts school Elmhurst College, which adds less than 4,000 students to the towns population of around 45,000.

The city is 93% white, and the median income of residents is a relatively high $88,236. Despite the relatively homogenous statistics regarding the town, it ranks as the porn search capital of the United States.

The town leads the country as the location with the highest amount of searches for the terms “porn,” “xxx” and “sex.”

Although that’s an interesting statistic, the data may be skewed because the town hosts several DSL and cable internet switching facilities, so internet traffic from surrounding areas is often routed through the city.



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