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A teen was charged with a felony, carrying up to 8 years, for placing a sex doll in the female washroom as a prank

Playing with dolls could result in Tyell Morton spending the next eight years behind bars. That's where the 18-year-old Indiana high school senior could likely celebrate graduation after his attempt at a senior prank backfired, resulting in a bomb squad evacuation of Rushville High in Rushville.

Morton insists all he wanted do was put a blow-up doll in a girl's bathroom as a joke. But when school officials saw surveillance video of a hooded figure wearing latex gloves entering a women's bathroom carrying a suspicious package and leaving empty-handed, they tipped off authorities.

Senior pranks are always fun; however, try not to look like a terrorist when doing one, especially with all the surveillance cameras around!


California's female population once consisted of only 4% women! So, the women used that to their advantage!

In 1850,Western America was a territory known for its harsh wilderness life and the prospects of gold. Funny enough, it wasn’t the gold miners and business men handling the bars that were make the most money and gaining power.

It was actually the female population! How? It consisted of less than 4%, according to the California Census taken in 1850!

The 1850 U.S. California Census was the first census that included everyone. It showed only 7,019 females with 4,165 non-Indian females older than 15 in the state.

This gives about 5,500 females greater than age 15 in a total California population of about 120,000 residents in 1850 or about 4.5% female. Most of the women who did the travel to the western states during this time were there with hopes to marry wealthy miners or business men.

Some women even began their journey as prostitutes. In the early 1850s, women were so scarce that prostitutes were not typically viewed as immoral and many were, in fact, highly desired and their company actively sought.

Some would even range between 15-20 a night, just for the company and no sexual exchanges. Initially, there were virtually no laws prohibiting or trying to regulate prostitution.


There's a growing rate of Vaginoplasty in Austrailia.

The anatomy channel went in-depth in soft-core porn magazines from the country of Australia. What it found was probably one of the oddest censorship restrictions to date.

But the worst part of all is that this censorship is distorting the reality of the female body! According to the investigation, “Vaginoplasty” is on high demand.

This small cosmetic surgery removes “emphasis labia” from a women’s lips. This creates a nicely nipped and tucked vaginal hood that simulates what American’s have come to call the “camel toe”.

However, this surgery is in demand because of a distorted ideal of what a vagina looks like. The reason? Well, the Australian classification Board doesn’t like bad looking vagina lips! In fact they ban them from magazines!

YES! Because of it’s classification the Board forces all magazines to photo shop out any “excess labia lips” and create a single tasteful image of the female vagina.

The genital emphasis, as the board calls it, must be removed no matter the caliber model. So, even if Miss playmate of the year showed up and posed and showed off excess labia, she to would be photoshopped to the Board’s standards.

This has had mayor repercussions in the increases in vaginoplasty surgery from women to achieve this modeled vaginal image.


372 people search for porn on Google every second.

Pornography is available everywhere today. Magazines, film, books, and of course the internet. In 2006, the internet division of the industry made nearly 5 billion dollars.

Thanks to search engines like Google, all it takes is typing a single word to find something on the internet- including more adult subjects. It’s estimated that one fourth of all internet searches are pornography related.

About 13% of Americans view pornography regularly, and three fourths of them are men.

The exact number on how many people search every second can be misleading though.The number was determined by looking at certain keywords and how often they were searched.

The problem is the keywords can often be coincidental in their relation to adult searches, and so the figure could be much lower.

This number also isn’t very accurate in representing how many people visit porn sites on the Internet, because it excludes those who visit specific sites, and only includes those who search it in Google outright.


Orexin-A is a drug that eliminates sleep deprivation, ups your arousal, and has no negative side effects!

Whenever a drug has no negative side effects and so many positive ones, it becomes a mystery why more people aren't taking that particular drug.

Perhaps it is just because they don't know about the drug, or maybe it's because they prefer to live a more natural life. Regardless, there is a drug called Orexin-A that stablizes a persons sleep cycles by affecting their dopamine, norepinephrine, histamine, and acetylcholine systems.

While the drug has no negative side effects, it has many positive ones including an improvement in cognitive ability, and the ability to help a person fall asleep and wake up at the appropriate times.

Orexin-A also increases alertness, attention, muscle tone, and our personal favorite: Arousal!



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