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Those who are unwanted children in Paraguay are the child of Kurupi

Kurupi is the name of one of the important figures in Guaraní mythology.

He is one of the seven monstrous children of Tau and Kerana, and as such is one of the central legendary figures in the region of Guaraní speaking cultures such as Paraguay.

Kurupi is said to be short, ugly, and hairy. He makes his home in the wild forests of the region, and was considered to be the lord of the forests and protector of wild animals.

Kurupi's most distinctive feature, however, was an enormous penis that was ordinarily wound several times around his waist like a belt.

Due to this feature, he was at one time revered by the Guaraní as the spirit of fertility.

In Paraguayan culture, an unwanted pregnancy can be passed off as the child of Kurupi, the creature whose penis is so long it wraps around his waist several times and can impregnate women through opened windows.


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