19 Totally Incredible Facts
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The youngest pope, Pope Benedict IX, may have been just 11 when he was elected to the papacy.

The Catholic Encyclopedia says that he may have been as old as 18-20 years of age, while other historians peg Benedict as being 11 when he was made the pope. Either way, this makes Pope Benedict IX the youngest pope ever. Also of note: Pope Benedict IX served three terms as pope! His first and second terms ended with his being expelled from the papacy and him putting the papacy up for sale, respectively. This makes Pope Benedict IX the first and only pope to sell his position to another pope, as well as earning him the record for most terms served as pope (3 terms), beating the previous record of...one. This pope was also also accused of partaking in “many adulteries and murders”. They just don’t make popes like that anymore.

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