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South Korea has a sex theme park.

This park, called Jeju Loveland, is located on Jeju Island, just off the coast of the Korean mainland. Jeju is a popular honeymoon destination for newlywed couples because, prior to the past decade, most could not travel abroad for financial and political reasons.

In 2002, a group of graduates from South Korea's most prestigious fine arts school, Hongik University, had the bright idea to produce sexually-themed artwork for Jeju's young lovers.

This was apparently considered to be a novel idea, especially because it could ease any potential awkwardness between partners in the bedroom.

This self-consciousness can be even more pronounced for South Koreans because many of the couples have entered into arranged marriages.

Jeju Loveland officially opened for...business...in 2004, boasting a collection of 140 pieces of lewd art! There are also live nude models, sex toy exhibitions, and pornographic film showings.

And last but not least, as with most theme parks, Jeju Loveland has it's own mascots: A yellow-mittened penis named Bulkkeuni, and Ssakekeuni, a vagina sporting an large, floppy hat with a bow! Walt Disney, eat your heart out?

Read more about Jeju Loveland in this article and don't forget to check out the theme park's photo gallery.

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