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People who have sex regularly have better immune systems!

This may sound like a good excuse for sex addicts to continue doing their business, but several recent scientific studies have all concluded that having sex 1.5 times per week can substantially improve a person’s immune system. For men, the increased heart rate is extremely beneficial and can even reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack up to 50%!

Also, around 200 calories are burned every half hour a person has sex and the chances of suffering a stroke are reduced. It’s not all physical either. Studies had discovered that sex releases endorphins that help people to relax and sleep more soundly, which in turn helps the body recuperate.

Strangely, fellatio has been discovered to be good for women’s teeth and regular sex can even aid bladder control as the pelvic muscles are strengthened. Sex is even an effective pain medication as it has been shown to relieve minor aches, arthritis, and even menstrual cramps!


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