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During a Buffalo Calling Ceremony, the wives of young Mandan hunters would have sex with older men in order to transfer good hunting skills to their husbands

The Mandan Indians lived along the Missouri River in North Dakota. They lived by farming and lived in substantial, permanent settlements.

They grew corn, beans and squash, but they also hunted. Mandan men would venture to the plains to hunt buffalo.

In order to make sure that they killed plenty of buffalo and that there would be no hunting disasters, the Mandan people performed the Okipa ceremony.

This ritual reenacted the creation of the earth and the history of the Mandan people. They also performed a Buffalo Calling Ceremony to guarantee a good hunt. As part of this ceremony, the wives of young hunters would flirt and have sex with older hunters.

They believe that, by doing so, they could transfer the older hunter's hunting expertise to their husbands.


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