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A man was forced to marry his neighbor's goat!

You’re probably thinking “this must be in America,” but shockingly it was in South Sudan and has come to be known as the “Sudanese goat marriage incident.”

In 2006 a South Sudanese man was discovered having sex with a goat. The owner of the goat, the man’s neighbor, was gravely offended, and after subduing the man brought him to the village elders to decide what should be done with him. Here they showed great wisdom.

They told him that instead of taking the perpetrator to the police, which is surely ludicrous, it would be better if the man was forced to pay a dowry for the goat! Naturally men can only have sex with their wives, and if he was having sex with this goat he must consider it his wife.

He was thus ordered to “marry” the goat and paid a dowry of 15,000 dinar (which is around $50 in American bills.) Sadly for the man the goat tragically passed away in 2007 from choking on a plastic bag.

Thankfully a four-month-old kid was left behind. Whether the father is the man or another goat is yet to be seen.


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