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A college student sold her virginity for $780,000!

Catarina Migliorini of Brazil is making headlines for auctioning off her virginity for $780,000.

The winner of the bid is a Japanese man only known as Natsu. The auction caught the eye of bidders from not just Japan and Brazil, but also the US, Australia and even India.

To avoid any legal problems, the one-hour session with the girl will take place on an airplane flying over international waters.

Romantic, no? The auction was organized by an Australian filmmaker who's making a documentary about it. Again, romantic, no?

Lest you call her an offensive name, the girl says she will donate 90% of the money to charities that are building homes for the poor in her native state in Brazil. However, her sister has disputed this claim.

Catarina is not the only one who's doing this for the Australian filmmaker, 21-year-old Alexander Stepanov also participated in the documentary, but his v-card only managed to raise $3,000.

Ironically, the lucky lady lives in Brazil.


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